The Old Mill Museum 242 Toledo Street, Dundee, MI Conferences $0.00$540.00 ParaFest Ticket $60.00 (60.00 available) Ghost Hunt Ticket $120.00 (120.00 available) Combo - ParaFest and Ghost Hunt Tickets $180.00 (180.00 available) ParaFest Ticket - Admit 10 $540.00 (540.00 available) Vendor Ticket $75.00 (75.00 available)
Old Mill ParaFest
When: Saturday, November 08, 2014 10:00 AM EST
Where: The Old Mill Museum, 242 Toledo Street, Dundee, MI 48131
Spirit World Paranormal Investigations and Metro Paranormal Investigations
Tim Rehahn




The Haunted Old Mill Museum, Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) and Metro Paranormal Investigations (MPI) have partnered together and very excited to bring you The 1st Annual Old Mill ParaFest. The Old Mill ParaFest is a paranormal convention fundraiser, and all profits will benefit The Old Mill Museum. 

The Old Mill ParaFest has been given a special discounted rate for The Country Inn & Suites.  To take advantage of this exclusive price you must use the link given.  Failure to use our exclusive link will result in higher prices.  These prices are lower than even other discounted rates, such as AAA, AARP and others.

Who's Coming?

The Old Mill ParaFest will feature speakers throughout the day, and an optional Ghost Hunt with our featured speakers at night.  Our speakers include:

  • John Zaffis - The Haunted Collector on Syfy
  • Amy Bruni - Ghost Hunters on Syfy
  • Kris Williams - Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International on Syfy
  • Dustin Pari - Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International on Syfy
  • Adam Berry - Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters on Syfy
  • Jeff Belengar - Ghost Adventures Researcher, Author and 30 Odd Minute Host
  • Todd Clements - Author and Owner of Haunted Mackinac
  • Bill Konkolesky - State of Michigan Director of MUFON
  • Phill Shaw - Bigfoot in Michigan
  • Kristy Robinett - Psychic/Medium/Soul Messenger
  • John E. L. Tenney - Ghost Stalkers/Paranormal State The New Class/Realm of the Weird/Author
  • and more. For more info on each speaker, check out the Speakers Page.

The Rundown:

The Old Mill ParaFest registration begins at 9am and speakers will begin at 10am and run throughout most of the day until 9:30pm.  At 9:30pm for those who have purchased the Ghost Hunt with our featured guests, you will register and at 10pm the Ghost Hunt begins!


Within the next couple days we will be receiving an exclusive link for a discounted price for motel rooms.  Once we receive this link it will be posted.


The Old Mill ParaFest will have a kitchen serving a variety of  food items all day, and a bar which will serve soft drinks as well as beer and/or liquor. 

The Cost:

  • ParaFest Ticket: $60 for all day access to the vender area, presentations and pictures with our speakers
  • Ghost Hunt Ticket: $120 investigate The Haunted Old Mill Museum with our featured speakers from 10pm till 2am in SMALL groups! Limited to 40 people!
  • Vendor Table: $75 for a vender table to sell your items, which also includes 2 passes to ParaFest (Ghost Hunt extra)

More Fun:

Ghost Hunt This location before ParaFest!  This is a SEPARATE event!  In addition to The Old Mill ParaFest, The Old Mill Museum also offers Public and Private Ghost Hunts most Friday Nights throughout the year for $37 per person, see for more information or to book. ***This is NOT a ParaFest even!***

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